About Us

Velocity Commercial Funding

Who is Velocity Commercial Funding?

We’re a nationally recognized leader in non-conforming and commercial financing. We’re experts at helping all types of borrowers find funding to bring their visions to life. We’re masters of securing residential and commercial loans for all types of non-traditional borrowers.

Most importantly, we’re a team.

At Velocity Commercial Funding, we foster an environment in which experienced mortgage professionals can apply their specialties and share the knowledge they’ve attained with each other. We have team members specializing in the needs of all borrower types, regardless of credit status. We’re confident our team can help every borrower find the perfect loan for whatever their financial need. Whether your borrower is a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor professional, we can help.

What’s the Velocity Commercial Funding Advantage?

Our most important advantage is our experience. Our team members possess vast knowledge of the mortgage industry. In this industry, anyone can gain access to the tools. But the secret to success isn’t just in having the tools: it’s knowing exactly how to use them.

At Velocity Commercial Funding, our professional team provides solutions. Our team members have extensive, practical experience working every day in the non-conforming loan industry. Whether it’s a sub-prime loan, a residential investment property loan, a commercial loan, a loan to acquire a business, a hardship loan, a loan for new equipment or an unsecured line of credit, we can help!

Our experience and expertise allows us to off a range of solutions. Even if you have loans that are falling out from your conventional lenders, we can help. We specialize in:

  • Stated Income loans
  • Cash Flow loans
  • Asset Based loans

Our Bank Statement Program looks only at a borrower’s last 24 months of bank statements in order to qualify. And our popular Stated Income Residential program requires no business, property or personal income. We even have 30-year amortized Commercial Real Estate financing programs that start at 75 LTV with no balloon payments.

Basically, we offer a variety of flexible and creative loans for non-traditional borrowers, including self-employed borrowers, contract employees or any other borrower having trouble attaining conventional financing.

Whatever your non-conforming loan needs are, contact us. Velocity Commercial Funding is a privately owned, private portfolio private lender. We’re specialists in the commercial mortgage loan market. Our specialties include Stated Income Loans, Bank Statement Programs and Commercial Lending.

Contact us today at (800) 984-6830 or email us here to get more information.