Multifamily Lending

Multifamily Lending

When your customers are in need of multi-family lending solutions, Velocity Commercial Funding is ready with the expertise and experience to help you close the deal. We have more than 16 years of experience working with commercial real estate properties. We have expertise in every facet of multi-family financing and are standing by with programs that can help you help your customers achieve their multi-family real estate financing goals.

Over the years, Velocity Commercial Funding’s nationwide team has developed strong relationships with institutions such as:

  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

When you are in need of help to get your customers the multi-family financing they need, we can move quickly to help you close their transaction. We’re creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, and we have relationships with a huge variety of investors. No matter the size of your customer’s transaction, contact us. We’ll help you get results.

We offer the following lending platforms:

  • FHA

Velocity Commercial Funding is a recognized national leader in FHA multi-family lending. We stay on top of the changing FHA guidelines and maintain strong relationships with our partners at HUD. Whether your customers are in need of a new loan, a construction loan, refinancing for an existing loan, or they need assistance with an FHA workout, we can help. We’re also experts on FHA mortgage insurance. Let us apply our experience and creativity to help you serve your customers FHA multi-family financing needs.

  • Fannie Mae

Velocity Commercial Funding has more than 8 years of experience helping borrowers work with Fannie Mae. Whether your customers are acquiring or refinancing a multi-family property, whether it’s tax-exempt and taxable, and no matter what the size of the transaction or where it’s located, we can help you close their deal. Best of all we’re efficient, allowing you to offer a streamlined process to your customers.

  • Freddie Mac

At Velocity Commercial Funding, we’re a Freddie Mac Targeted Affordable Housing and Seniors Housing Specialists. That means that we’re approved to originate multi-family lending, underwrite the loan and also close the deal on Freddie Mac’s behalf. No matter where in the US your customer’s property is located, we can help.

  • Interim Loans

If your customer is in the process of qualifying their multi-family property with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or FHA, Velocity Commercial Funding can help you acquire the interim financing your customer needs. Whether it’s a bridge loan, a mezzanine loan, a second mortgage, a sponsor loan or permanent financing your customer needs, we can help.

  • CMBS

Velocity Commercial Funding is a leading expert on Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities. We can help you find your customer either fixed or floating rate multifamily lending. Our CMBS programs have a minimum of $5 Million and no maximum.


Regardless of what type of multi-family property your client is trying to finance, we have the expertise and the relationships to help you close the deal. We offer programs to assist you with all types of multifamily lending scenarios, including:

  • Affordable Multi-Family Housing

Whether your customer is looking to build, acquire, rehab or refinance affordable multi-family housing, and whether your customer is tax-exempt or taxable, Velocity Commercial Funding can help you find the perfect lending solution. We have experts in every area of the country who can help you navigate transactions with FHA, Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

  • Senior Multi-Family Housing and Healthcare Facilities

Is your customer attempting to get financing for a nursing home or other type of senior multi-family facility? At Velocity Commercial Funding, we have extensive expertise with this type of financing. We can help you work with FHA senior multi-family or healthcare facility lending. We’re able to originate and also close Seniors Housing loan products anywhere in the US.

  • Small Balance Multi-Family Loans

If your customer is in need of small balance multi-family financing, UMGC has dedicated team members ready to work with you anywhere in the country. As a leading small balance lender for 4 straight years, we’ll help you get your customers the small balance lending they need.

  • Ginnie Mae

At Velocity Commercial Funding, our specialized expertise includes working with Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, FHA-insured mortgages, mortgage-backed securities and even tax-exempt municipal bonds.

Regardless of what kind of assistance your customer needs, call us. At Velocity Commercial Funding we have the expertise and experience to provide the multi-family lending solution to help you help your customer close their deal.

Contact us today at (800) 984-6830 or email us here to get more information.