Velocity’s ShortFlex Program Brings Flexibility to Commercial Loans

What does financial flexibility mean to you? Maybe it means having the funds to make your goals happen. Perhaps it means having the freedom to change your mind about how you use your money without suffering financial consequences. To us, it means using your money on your terms rather than playing by someone else’s rules.

Introducing the ShortFlex Program

If you need a commercial loan with a high level of flexibility, Velocity’s ShortFlex Mortgage Program might be your solution. ShortFlex gives real estate investors a sensible alternative to a hard money loan. The program’s features include:

  • A 30-year term.
  • Fixed-rate interest.
  • Interest-only payments for a maximum of 10 years.
  • The ability to stay in the loan for 30 years without a balloon payment.

Velocity Commercial Funding Paves the Way for Real Estate Investors

Our loan representatives understand that real estate investors are just as diverse as the properties they strive to acquire. We also know that time is money for this motivated group. That’s why we focus on customized loan programs with a successful closing as the ultimate goal. In addition to our ShortFlex program, we also offer:

The Velocity Commercial Funding Advantage

At Velocity, we earn your trust early and maintain it through closing and beyond. Here are a few things that set us apart from other commercial mortgage brokers:

  • Free quotes: Contact us for a no-obligation consultation!
  • An assigned loan representative: Our clients have a single contact from start to finish for seamless communication.
  • Competitive rates and fees: We encourage clients to compare our programs to others and see the difference!

Commercial loan land might confuse you, but it’s our job to navigate this rocky territory with ease. Contact Velocity Commercial Funding today to learn how to secure a customized commercial loan that takes you one step closer to your goals!

For more information contact us at 800–984-6830 or email us here.